5 EASY Ways A Treadmill Can Help You Lose Weight Get In Shape!

So why are treadmills the #1 home exercise machine option among buyers? Well, here are 5 reasons treadmills come out ahead of exercise machines year after year.

A Treadmill is the best exercise system for those who hate exercise!

We all know this to be able to shed weight, get firm & fight gravity pull, exercise is a must!

However, what do you do if you do not LIKE working out?

Imagine if your motto is "I don't exercise. Imagine if you get bored or do not like logging hours at the gym with all those muscle boys or women?
One viable solution is the home treadmill, because of all of the things it allows you to perform to FORGET that you are working out in the first place!

You may set it up in the front of the television and watch your favourite episode of ER or Oprah. A hour will fly by and you won't even notice that you've been walking (or running)!

You'll be burning a truckload of calories without even realizing you are sweating!
Many treadmills also include a magazine or book rack.

What about walking uphill (a enormous calorie burner) while reading the most recent edition of Woman's World? Or Time? Or your favourite?

How easy is that?

Treadmills are fantastic for those men and women who get bored easily or hate exercising because they enable you to do so many things WHILE together. (for all of us multi-tasking queens and kings!))

Reason #2: A Treadmill is Unmatched For Workout Versatility!

Most funky fly-by-night exercise gadgets out there simply enable you to do one thing. One repetitive motion that your body will quickly get used to (and that means less calories burned off!)

If you're just starting a workout program you can begin with a slow walk and after that speed it up as your body gets into better shape. If you are training for a marathon, then you can run in a steady pace and even build in sprints.

You can power walk or perform a slow steady jog. You can jump if you would like to or build in periods. Many treadmills will permit you to walk uphill (which explodes the amount calories burned off!) . Some will even let you walk downhill (a excellent way to cross-train).

Some treadmills come with handweights to integrate into your fitness regimen. (Building muscle WHILE burning calories is a dual weight loss whammy!)
There are countless ways that you can change your workout using a treadmill so that you continue to challenge your body and burn those calories!

Reason #3: A Treadmill Can Help You Burn MORE Calories by Upping Your Own Exercise Time!

The study concludes that people overestimate how often they will use their gym membership and that most don't visit the gym frequently enough to justify their membership costs.

I could be going out on a limb here but I suspect that the reason may be that many individuals simply don't have enough time to go. But here's where a home treadmill can assist you really increase your fitness time and frequency (which means more calories burned...)

And did you know that the number one obstacle that keeps people from working is 'lack of time'? (that clarifies those health study results over doesn' it?)
Here's where a home treadmill can help:

You want to go for a 15 minute walk in the daytime. Maybe it is a 20-minute mild jog . What about a 10-minute energy walk just before dinner to suppress your appetite or fight night-time boredom?

Many people just don't have the opportunity to take 45 minutes to an hour to go to the gym every day. But folks can find 15 minutes during the day. Three of those mini-15-minute workouts and youdone that 45 minutes!

And remember, whether it's 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 or 20, it adds up in weight loss! Having a treadmill, YOU'RE in charge of your workout time!

Hint #4: A Treadmill Gives You the Advantage of All-Year-Round ANY Time Exercise!

Okay, here it's: in my opinion one of the most crucial added benefits of having a home treadmill is :CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE! You know that walking or jogging in the snow and ice hockey isn't the definition of pleasure, if you reside in northern climates.

What about if it is raining? Scratch exercise off the listing now! What about when it's the fitness center and late or very early is not open? Forget about that exercise now!
A home treadmill may be one of the best exercise comforts around because you may use it no matter the time or weather.

Just how many times have check here we gained a few unwanted winter and then worked like mad when the weather remained fair, attempting to get it off? What a nuisance!

With a treadmill it is possible to look good all year round because you're not missing those chilly workouts!

AND you can also exercise any time in any type of clothing you desire (no worrying about wearing that ratty t-shirt to the gym!) . Call me small but this is a convenience that is massive!

Reason #5: From Using the Large Muscles of the Legs, A Treadmill Can Assist You Burn MAJOR FAT Calories

A recent Woman's World article made the startling claim , contrary to popular belief, gentle walking is one of the greatest ways to burn fat!


It appears that gentle walking allows the human body to go STRAIGHT to the fat stores for energy instead of first depleting your glucose (glycogen) stores (used by the human body for quick energy).

By utilizing the large muscles in your thighs, you burn the maximum amount of calories. You can raise your calories-burned by walking which uses muscles!

Given all their benefits it's no surprise that treadmill sales have risen by 50% over the previous five years!